3 Important Steps

Follow these 3 steps below and you will lose your unwanted weight.

How To Achieve Your Goal

Have you ever known someone who seems to always  be able to get what they want no matter what?  If  you do, you can  bet that this person has a specific strategy which they have developed to help them achieve their goals.

This might have been a strategy which took a lot  of heartbreaking failures to perfect, and many years  of hard work.

Well, thankfully you don’t have to go to all that  trouble because the following process has been used  by millions of  people over the last 95 years to help  them achieve their goals.

This process has been adapted from the classic  personal development masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich,”  which is  believed to be responsible for the making of  more millionaires than any book ever written.

I’m guessing that means this five step process is  pretty effective… so let’s get started…

1.    Set a Quantifiable Goal

No matter what your goal is, you must write it  down in quantifiable terms in order to start working on a plan for achieving it. If you want to lose weight, determine exactly how much you want to lose. ( 10 kilos, 20 kilos)

If you’re having trouble being specific at first,  just write down something as specific as possible,  understanding that your goal will become clearer as  you apply the next five steps…

  2.    Set a Timeline

Setting a “no matter what” timeline for your goal  will keep you from being paralyzed by perfectionism  and procrastination. It will also provide you with a  means of tracking your progress and celebrating your  successes along the way.

But a timeline is more than just having a deadline,  set small incremental goals which will lead you up  toward your ultimate goal.

Also, remember that even if you miss your deadline,  the important thing is that you continue the process  which you are learning here and learn as you go…

3.    Determine What You’re Going to Give

If you want to lose weight, you must determine what you’re willing to give in order to achieve your goal. It’s not easy and you need to work hard. Too many people never achieve their weight loss goals because  they’re too busy looking for shortcuts.

   4.    Get a Simple Plan that You Can Work Everyday

Now that you know exactly when you’re going to  achieve your specific goal and you’ve determined what  you’re willing to give in exchange for it, use your  timeline to develop a plan that you can break down  into daily steps.

This will give you something to work at consistently and keep you from being overwhelmed by the sheer size  of your goal. What you’ll find is that consistent  focused action according to a long-term plan will  provide you with the momentum you need to succeed…

   5.    Rehearse and Evaluate Your Plan

As soon as you have your specific goal and your plan written down, read it aloud every morning and every evening, and evaluate its effectiveness at least once  a week.

This is important because no one ever gets their plan exactly right the first time, and your goal will  probably also become clearer to you as you take action.

Rehearsing and evaluating your plan on a consistent  basis will help you to make the necessary adjustments  in order to use it to achieve your long-term goal.

Apply these five steps, start today, and pretty soon  you’ll have other people asking you what your secret is  to getting what you want.

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